Our Products - PartsTrader

PartsTrader is built on top of eTrader and implements all of the specific functionality, terminology, business rules, and user interface that is perfectly tuned to the market that it operates in.

How It Works

  1. Buyer creates parts request: The buyer logs into PartsTrader to create a parts request. This includes entering the vehicle and part(s) details, uploading photos, setting the tender closing time, etc. Note: If a buyer’s workshop quoting software supports it, they will have a “Send to PartsTrader” button that will automatically upload their parts list to PartsTrader.

  2. PartsTrader matches the parts request to potential suppliers:
    1. PartsTrader invites suppliers of that vehicle make to submit a quote for the required parts.
    2. If the buyer has not received enough quotes they are able to resend the request to all suppliers nationally (escalate) for more quotes.

  3. Suppliers submit quotes: Suppliers log into PartsTrader and submit their confidential quotes including their part(s) information, trade sell price, delivery time, freight, etc.

  4. PartsTrader closes the request at the time set buy the buyer. No more bids can be placed and the quotes are made visible to the buyer only. Suppliers cannot see other suppliers' quotes at any stage.

  5. Buyer chooses result – they must either:
    1. Choose the best quote from all of the quotes received, OR
    2. Resend the request to all suppliers nationally to receive further quotes (back to step 2b), OR
    3. Withdraw the request and specify the reason for withdraw - all suppliers that quoted are notified.

  6. PartsTrader notifies all suppliers of the outcome selected by the buyer and charges the winning supplier a transaction fee, if applicable.

  7. The buyer works directly with the supplier to confirm the order, shipping, invoicing & payment independently of PartsTrader.