Who We Are

PartsTrader New Zealand Ltd is a privately owned company registered in New Zealand with NZ shareholders.

PartsTrader New Zealand operates from Wellington with a small team dedicated to optimising the market experience of our members.

The PartsTrader mission is to create and maintain a vibrant and deep marketplace between repairers and suppliers in the automotive parts sector in New Zealand. The PartsTrader market place works by presenting all part options to a repairer in a cost effective and transparent process, without any preference for part type or vendor.

PartsTrader believes that through this process repairers are able to make procurement decisions in the best interests of their customers and suppliers are able to access the broadest possible marketplace at the lowest cost.

Why Should We Trust PartsTrader?

Think of PartsTrader like the stock exchange - a neutral platform that enables buyers and suppliers to trade more efficiently.

PartsTrader’s success is entirely dependent on delivering value to buyers and suppliers.

The owner (who is either the sponsor or creator) of a request will always have the ability to be in complete control of the process.

PartsTrader will never allow information (including quotes and pricing) related to a request to be released to anybody else without the owner’s permission.